Hi, I’m Kerry.

Self-therapy gardener and non-metaphorical tree hugger!

Welcome to my gardening journal where I chronicle the blood, sweat and privileges of planting a new (old) garden almost from scratch and muse, here and there, on the inscrutable mysteries of life, the universe and everything.

Posts appear on my Home page in reverse chronological order but they can also be searched alphabetically in the Poetry and Prose menus.

Prose posts are mostly journal entries peppered with the occasional creative non-fiction essay; the dubitable poems contain the odd – but never casual – expletive and my photographs are just scattered about all over the place. Like plant labels and bird seed.

If you have a point of view (but not a WordPress account) there’s a Contact Form at the bottom of this page. But don’t bother messaging me unless it’s really, really important because I’m really, really busy (getting muddy) in the garden. 🙂

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The words and photos are all my own. The wildlife remains exactly that.

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