An eggless raspberry bellied bake

Twitcher fuel –

Kitchen-side of the glass

Mealworms, red-berried, seed-suet cake

Pecked, squirrel-spilled

Sprinkled to grass;

Shade-grown ground beans pressed in a cafetière

Troughs with fresh rain water, can-drawn, refilled

Keenly curious cat –

Sniffing scent blended air –

Roasted oats and honeysuckle, milled and frilled.

Cockerel caws, shrilly, corralling his hens

Jangling the lilt of the blackbird’s clear song

Li’l Latin Troglodytes       shies wide of the lens

All the short (mouse-murmour) Winter-day long;

Great tits, fluffy long tails, buff coals and blues,

Spadgers, bold bobbins, emerald half-collared doves

Hedgewise, furtive dunnocks daub nut-earthy hues

Flourished with the rose-glow of pigeons in love.

Woodpecker contours her crimson-lit tail

Nuthatch skims silver-stalk –


Magpies and jackdaws sheer-glossly regale

Choral starlings’ cacophony versed.

No sprawk hooking prey

Neither crows nor a jay

Nor finches alighting opaline birch;

Sound shadows sight

Beneath night-darkened day

Upon tawny’s ink-sequestered, pine perch.