Today is a day for thinking about doing. Not actually doing.

Just lazily reading about it:

Go up to your next-door neighbour and say ‘I think The Garden is an epiphany of an ideal of life in which opposites are reconciled. How about you?’, and you are liable to draw a blank…

As Merleau-Ponty put it, understanding of or attunement to [The Garden’s] meaning is pre-eminently ‘in the hands’, not ‘in the head’…

Gardening – engaged in ‘thinkingly’ – embodies the truth of the relation between human beings, their world, and the ‘ground’ from which the ‘gift’ of this world comes.

David E. Cooper

I think my next-door neighbour would suggest I sit down with a cup of tea…

That I might do.

Passing Thoughts...

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