An anniversary – of sorts… And as clear as mud:

A Conveyance of the land in this title, dated 28 February 1879 contains covenants, details of which are set out in the Schedule of restrictive covenants hereto.

The purchaser hereby covenants with the vendor that the purchaser and the persons deriving title under him will at all times hereafter… forthwith make and for ever thereafter repair and maintain the boundary fence on the West or South West side of the property… And that no bricks or tiles should be made on the said plot of land… Nor should any clay or lime be burned on nor any clay, gravel or sand removed from the said plot of land… Nor any portion thereof to be made into or used as a way to any other property… nor any nuisance whatever committed thereon which should be an annoyance… And that an Entrance Lodge and outbuildings might be erected upon the said plot of land between the said building line and the road when the said road should have become repairable out of some public fund maintained in a proper manner… And keep in repair the footpath in front of and to the extent of the said plot of land and one half in width of the portion of the said road in front of and to the extent of the same plot of land…

Having crossed the County border only very recently, I can’t personally attest to the manner in which the District Council maintains its funds, improper or otherwise, but I’m excited and delighted to be able to legitimately erect a hitherto sanctioned ‘She-shed’ (own funds permitting) so long as I don’t remove any clay in the process of doing so or thereafter cast it into bricks or tiles in the said she-shed!

(Just to be clear, the glasshouse in the picture is not mine but I thought its age and ramshackleness sat nicely with the language quoted from the deeds . I photographed it at Hodsock Priory (a very much older – and very much grander – country gate house than the 3-bed domestic gate house we now call home) which opens its gardens and woodland walks twice yearly for galanthophiles and lovers of bluebells.)