Line’s eye’s furnace of white flickering colts

A ninety degree neuro[tic] transmission’s frack

Subsoulular circuitry screams ten thousand volts

Amber-like ampoules spinning polar-charged feedback

Senses seven, welded meridians swelling, reform

The split system with storm-stung chlorinated rind

Chaotic connections, episodic memories, inform

A hypothalamic response in this lit portakabin mind

Representing its self against the blind Schopenhauerian Will

A nasty little bastard world-weighted with lead

Repellent strange attractors, some nerve-souring pill

Little wonder Neitzsche crawled up into that bed

And those fucking despicable social Darwinists

Perversions prefabricated seeking out target switches

Bold sub-standing veins running fuse-wired wrists

Reductive shock neurons fire furiously like bitches

New brainstem drills down into the pit autonomic

Shutdown or meltdown – a silicon carbide hum

Tempers synthetic-bearing emotional hydraulic




Levelling. Illegitimi non carborundum.