“Hi, yes…

My wife has a working sensibility of Kiss-my-Asperger’s.

— [I wouldn’t expect you to know what that means?

That’s more or less universal] —

I’ve just discovered, to my unwaning bewilderment,

that she…

(she has this problem you see –

it affects all her dealings with officialdom to a greater or lesser,

actually just a greater, degree)

…so anyway, in light of this particular business,

how do I fix this?

I see.

Ideally, if you could just send all the paperwork to me?

Of course she’ll agree –

she’s been putting it off since she was 23!

Will there be a fine?

(It can be buffered with wine!)

What’s hers is mine.

Even if it starts with a nine – and a minus sign.

Ok, fine.

Well, not really. There is a line…


Joining the dots

Just tangled knots



And lots of knots and dots…

I’ll wait to hear back from you.

In my voicemail queue.

I have more calls to get through…”

Thank you.