It whispers, “Yesterday was inevitable.”
Tomorrow remains a choice
Today is just today –
Treading water
Watering the wane
Recollecting the rains
Pelting plumes perfumed
To fledge this fragile Self –
Errant ideation
Bored galleries floored with frass
Potholed from silver-charcoaled stomata,
Annals of an oviparous atlas
Catalogued in the Lepidopteran library –
It looks up
And blinks in the irony of the botanist’s books
The rust rising
A plinth to the depressed and the real –
Leaky panpsychism?
Ubiquitous potentiality…
This thought, origin unknown, other and elsewhere
Has settled here
It scorches this shoot
And inflames an idea.

Passing Thoughts...

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